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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sunrise 8:49: Sun shines on Electioneer

The Red Barn that was part of Leland Stanford's Palo Alto Stock Farm is a familar sight on the Dawn Joggers' Lake Lagunita route. This morning the sun was catching the bronze statue of Electioneer in a most pleasing way. Electioneer, a world champion Hambletonian, was nine years old, and without progeny, when Leland Stanford purchased him. At the Stock Farm, he sired over 160 record-breaking trotting horses, including nine world champions between 1876 and 1890, when he died at age 22. The female DJ noted that the statue (given by Sunset founder Bill Lane and his wife) shows the horse with a 'saddle cut,' which indicates he must have been ridden.


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