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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunrise 6:43: Silvio's on the DL

Calamity struck the female Dawn Jogger this morning on her way around the lake with the trusty Lumix camera, Silvio. Going down a gravely lakeside bank to take a picture of the abandoned boat Lazy Daze, her feet went out from under her. No harm to her, but Silvio's lens was open and is now not functioning but rather making a horrible raspy sound. Like a trooper, he muscled through one test shot back in the kitchen but it's likely he'll be on the disabled list for for awhile. The real question: will he shoot again?

Late morning UPDATE: Silvio appears to be on the mend and vows "this late in the season" to stay off the DL and attempt tomorrow's jog. Meanwhile, just in, a transmission from the Eurostar lounge (next stop Paris), a photo of the London Eye taken from a taxi. The male DJ reports the sun was up around 6:17 am in London today.


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