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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunrise 6:42: Debut of bi-continental blush

At the same time that the female Dawn Jogger was going down the Menlo Park side of San Francisquito Creek and coming back on the Palo Alto side, the male DJ was walking through Green and St. James Park in London (where his first blush may have been more of an afternoon haze after the overnight flight from SFO).

The female DJ happened on a rare sight in what has become the fairly buttoned-up style of 21st century suburban life, an overt extension of hospitality. A resident on a section of Bay Laurel that is a popular walking/jogging route has placed a nice bench along with a drinking fountain and dog dish (marked Lassie) in the front yard close to the street. Given the times, this way station is also a bit mysterious. What prompted such a gracious invitation?

A long tradition of hospitality is in evidence in Green Park where on balmy summer days (temperatures in the 70s) chairs are placed out on the lawn. It's the perfect place to read the newspaper at the end of a workday Monday.


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