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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sunrise 6:43: Bicontinental towers

While it's water - canals, creeks, lakes, seas - that most mark the Dawn Joggers daily, sometimes worldwide, adventures, towers are not insignificant fixtures. In their 15 years in the Bay Area, they've jogged by Hoover Tower hundreds of times - it's on their 'long' Stanford route. Measuring 285-feet high, it was completed in 1941 to mark the university's 50th anniversary. [Note: today's pix is from the First Blush archives; Silvio remains on the DL and is likely to face a trip to the repair shop.] At almost the same time the female DJ was on her morning outing, the male DJ stood on the 33th floor (there are 56 in all) of the much deriled Tour Montparnasse (opened in 1974) to take a photo (courtesy of trusty Optio) of the much beloved Tour Eiffel on a rather smoggy Paris day.


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