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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sunrise 6:48 am: Signs of spring, thoughts on trust

Add meteorologist to the Dawn Joggers job descriptions. That's what it takes to get a morning run in these days. Look to the West, get ready, wait for the squall to pass, move like mad before the next downpour. Such was the case this morning when they awoke to a mini monsoon. "Rain delay" no longer just refers to baseball.

The weather may not be cooperating but there are signs of spring, such as a scene of barnyard animals tucked in a corner of a West Menlo front yard. Lest there are doubters who can't believe such a group would hang together, the DJs have first hand evidence from a May walk some years back along the Dales Way in Yorkshire where they witnessed scene after scene right out of Beatrix Potter.

Journalistic note: Much is being made today about the announcement of Katie Couric being named Managing Editor (important distinction) and anchor of the CBS nightly news. That the fact she will be the first female solo anchor is sad commentary some 50 years after broadcast journalism began to hit its stride.

But one other word has been bandied about in the commentary over her appointment - trust. That's what people say about Couric, they can "trust her." The "trust shoes" are a large CBS legacy to fill; Walter Cronkite was known as the "most trusted man in America" during his 20-year anchor tenure. Congratulations, Katie, you have our trust.


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