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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sunrise 6:47 am: Sunny report on opening day

The Dawn Joggers realized it had been weeks since they'd seen a near cloudless sky in the morning. The "no rain" forecast over the next 24 or so hours indicates the baseball gods are in firm control on this the Giants home opener.

Thanks to all the precipitation Lake Lagunita measures 8-feet deep, and the one boat tethered on the western bank is now submerged, at least until some enterprising student rights it. The successive downpours were forceful enough to dislodge the wooden planks that served as bridges across the muddiest and soggiest areas of the trail around the lake.

Otherwise it's spring business as usual; the mallards are all paired up (with the males not letting the females out of their sight) while the coots go about their business in a more singular fashion.

Update: an indication of the entire Bay Area's "feed-up-with-rain" condition was KFOG substituting a "Hello Sunshine!" segment on 10 at 10 this morning for its usual "ten best songs from one great year." A particulary cheery set.


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