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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunrise 6:55 am: Snow shoeing and more snow shoeing

Today the Dawn Joggers became all-day snow shoers with bright sunshine again greeting them. Temperatures were cool - the 5 degrees at dawn had warmed to 29 by lunch time. But no wind made the snow shoeing conditions near perfect.

The two and a half hour morning outing was spent trying to find the trails into the adjacent Lebrecht Experimental Forest .
Headed Cross country up a long hill only to be greeted by a couple of fences followed by increasingly deep powder. After their descent, they discovered the trailhead, which a right rather than left turn would have gotten them to.

The second two and a half hour adventure was up the Sunset trail to Lookout Point and then down along the Blackfoot River where they came upon a large flock of geese (ahead of schedule?). The Blackfoot was frozen solid until about three weeks ago and still showed signs of iciness.


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