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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sunrise 6:57 am: Hitting the trails

Greeted with bright sunshine and little wind, the Dawn Joggers hit the trail two ways - first on snow shoe and then on horseback. It was near perfect conditions for the snow shoeing adventure up a nearby hill - crunchy Spring snow with only a few patches of ice or bare spots. The wind picked up at bit as they headed for a ride along the Blackfoot River and then across a nearby prairie dotted with sage brush. Along the way, they spotted a couple of eagles and lots of white-tailed deer. The elk herds remain elusive. The eating does not - every meal has been superb at Paws Up.

As reported in the Missoulian, sunrise is a full 30 minutes later here than in the Bay Area. Sunset seems about the same - 6:36 pm - a fact to be confirmed upon return.


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