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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sunrise 6:31 am: Solo musings

Solo run by the female Dawn Jogger this morning prompted some musing.

At First Blush, it would appear that the Academy just decided to honor a LA story. But what if gay cowboy story really was too much in a category that's voted on by the entire membership. Back up: 1) Legions of usually, enlightened progressive males stirred clear of this picture with the pitiful excuse of "it's just not something I want to see." 2) Gay is ok when the person is dying (Tom Hanks in "Philadelphia") or the gay person has a gay-acceptable occupation (Phillip Seymour Hoffman in "Capote"). Call it the John Wayne legacy of "the real American cowboy."

At First Blush, it would appear that Hollywood prides itself on racial tolerance. But seems to hold true only when its African American actors playing safe/stereotypical not challenging/in-your-face roles (Sidney Poitier for "Lilies of the Field" not "The Defiant Ones;" Denzel Washington for "Training Day" not "Malcolm X").

At First Blush, it is better that all five nominated 'best picture' category were thought-provoking films rather than movie entertainment. On second blush, too.


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