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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sunrise 6:36 am: Plethora of best games today

Its March and that means an abundance of "best games." The Dawn Joggers tackled "long Dish" this morning and were greeted by the annual winter/spring crop of adolescent cattle with their game faces on.

"Our best game has returned, and it is most welcome" writes San Francisco Chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins, whose "3 Dot Lounge" is always great reading. The "best game" that Jenkins refers to is, of course, baseball, with the Giants playing an exhibition game against the Cubs in Scottsdale today, winning 7-2.

And finally there's the best game of basketball, made sweeter this year for the female Dawn Jogger who later in the afternoon witnessed her alma mater's victory over Stanford to claim sole possession of the Pac 10 championship. Seated as she was right behind the UCLA Bruin bench, it was a "up close and personal" thrill.


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