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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sunrise 7:23: It's all about Christmas - and Grace

This daily musing has long been about the "first blush" of dawn - and the sights and sounds of jogging close to sunrise. So just to be "of record," the female Dawn Jogger is using a photo the male DJ took just before dawn this morning looking out at FDR's presidential yacht, the SS Potomac, and the lighted wreaths adorning Jack London Square seen from their hotel room where they spent the night. But as the many photos show, it's really about Christmas spent with 13 1/2 month old Grace, seen first arriving for Christmas Eve services last night at St. John's in Oakland with parents Julie and John. It was a particularly festive and child-filled celebration - with Grace as pleased to be trying out her walking down the center aisle as anything that was going on with the service. The big hit from Santa, discovered this morning, was a new tunnel to crawl through, but attention was given to each package received, particularly if it was a book. She and her Dad liked her Elmo pizza man (the rest of the assembled adults weren't too sure about Elmo anything). But on Christmas morning, hits could come from anywhere, including a big blue box that was just the right size to sit on - and a cup holder that was fun to blow into. It was an excellent family-filled 24 hours. The DJs have now escaped to the Carneros section of Napa/Sonoma, where the skies have cleared and the temperature is chilly...



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