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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunrise 7:21: Sights in the avenues

The Dawn Joggers headed up to UCSF predawn this morning and the female DJ continued her tradition of walking while the male DJ has his head in the MRI machine. (News was good.) She listened to the final morning broadcast of KFOG DJ Dave Morey, who - as was true with so many listeners - had become a "friend" of the DJs over the years. About a mile into Golden Gate Park, she realized her radio batteries were starting to go - and not wanting to miss a minute of the farewell festivities - she head out into what she knew as a girl as "the avenues." Both of her parents lived in what's now called the Inner Sunset growing up - and her grandmother and uncle lived in a duplex with another aunt and her husband on 11th Avenue when she was a youngster. She found the batteries at a Rexall drug store (she didn't realized the chain still existed!) and then passed an even older shoe repair shop. The icy of the morning was coming upon a home adorned with Christmas ornamental balls...


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