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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sunrise 7:11: Endings and beginnings

The female Dawn Jogger's father - known affectionately as "Booka" thanks to grandson John Hubbard Getze - died yesterday on his namesake's birthday at age 97. Remembrances flooded in - about his golf prowess, his love of the outdoors, what a gentlemen he was - but from many friends and family, it was all about 1100 Hillview Drive, the brand new home he and Ede bought in 1951 and lived in for the next 50 years. "Those Hillview Drive memories...." said cousin Leah. "Those chocolate chippers," said friend Alice. Both of the DJ's parents loved that home and made it welcome haven for all of those who gathered there for any occasion.

So, on a frosty morning - the first of the season - the Dawn Jogger deviated from her regular Menlo route to go past Hillview Drive, to salute the gift of a wonderful home to grow up in, tethered by loving parents. She knows - finally - that John Hubbard is united with his dear Ede. He was the last of his generation to die on both sides of the family - his two sisters and all of his brothers and sisters-in-law having gone before him. There's some finality to that. A generation at its end.

But there are also beginnings. Granddaughter Grace spent last night with the DJs and it her smiling face that the female DJ saw soon after sunrise this morning. She likes hanging out in the kitchen. And loves music and books...


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