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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunrise 7:02: Thanksgiving in Menlo

Thanksgiving Day began for the Dawn Joggers with respective walk/jog around their Menlo Park neighborhood. Mornings of a holiday are always so incredibly peaceful - few cars on the road, people quietly walking with family and dogs. It may all mask the preparations going on inside people's homes. When they got home, the male DJ got busy with the sweet potato/carrot side dish, a standard from the Silver Palate cookbook while listening to KFOG's annual "Gobble Gobble: 10 songs that are just turkeys" (Gimme Dat Ting by the Pipkins was given a "lifetime achievement award"). Grace will be arriving for her second Thanksgiving celebration...

PM update: Grace made her visit to Tinker Park, which is adjacent to Hillview School and only a couple of hundred yards from Nan and Booka's house on Hillview Drive where the female DJ grew up. She'd taken her cousins there when they were toddlers and they took son John. Grace went down a small slide all by herself, with increasing delight at each ride. Later she nixed the turkey offered - but loved the pumpkin pie...


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