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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sunrise 7:08: Surprise at Dish top

The tule fog was so thick and wet this morning that the female Dawn Jogger had a hard time finding the newspapers in front of her house. Just as challenging was making her way across the first and second fairways of the golf course - she could only do so because she'd learned the bumps in the grass and sort of where the cart paths were located. The foggy conditions stayed with her as she climbed up to the dish. She passed few joggers, but a family a hares, maybe feeling safe in the mist, ate their breakfast just to the side of the pathway. Once she got to the ridge top, she could barely make out the Big Dish itself. But just minutes later she was in for surprise - blue skies at the very top of the Dish. Once over, she descended again into the ground fog...



Blogger Scott Loftesness said...

Linda, I love that foggy dish photo!


8:53 AM  

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