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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunrise 7:15: "You got the doll!"

The Dawn Joggers had been intrigued about the "Art for Obama" fundraiser being held at two homes in their neighborhood since receiving the invitation, so took advantage of the warm afternoon to combine it with a walk. It was a pleasant way to get in a little exercise while supporting the candidate. The fun surprise was that the female Dawn Jogger came away feeling like she'd won the lottery, been named prom queen, and appointed CEO in one fell swoop. The exclamation was nonstop from almost every man and woman who saw her with her prize - all uttered with enthusiasm mixed with a bit of envy, "You got the doll!" Of all the art on display for purchase - the entire proceeds going to the Obama Victory Fund - it was an incredible cloth rendering of the candidate himself by local artist Terry Tsu that captured her attention. Still counting on Nov. 4 (Grace's birthday!) being the most important day in American history in her lifetime...



Blogger terry said...

Hi Linda,
I was WONDERING who had gotten the doll! Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for supporting the cause.
Terry Tsu

4:59 PM  

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