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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunrise 5:58: Grace takes a bite

The Dawn Joggers were up and off early this morning for church. And while the female walked across a bustling Stanford campus this afternoon (filled with all sort of revenue generators - tech camp, golf camp, publishing course, and more), she thinks it better to concentrate on Grace. The DJs went to Oakland to have dinner at Camino, a new restaurant that's created quite a buzz - including a short write up in the New York Times - with Julie, John and Grace on Saturday. A hallmark of the restaurant's interior are two 30-foot long redwood tables, evidently made from a tree felled by a storm. One made the perfect teething ring for Grace, when she wasn't playing peek-a-boo (no, that's not some head scarf). All four diners gave the food "thumbs up"...



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