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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sunrise 5:48: Art comes to the lake

Apparently the female Dawn Jogger is meant to spend some time (so to speak) with the artist she was introduced to this past weekend when the DJs spent a night at the Duchamp hotel in Healdsburg. One of Marcel Duchamp's most famous pieces is the Fountain (pictured), an example of what he called readymades (or found art) as they already existed as an object. In an act of provocation, the urinal with the signature "R. Mutt" that became Fountain was submitted to the Society of Independent Artists Exhibit in 1917. Almost 100 years later, it appears "toilet art" endures. New art has been installed on the banks of Lake Lagunita, a kind of bathroom without walls. The female DJ couldn't help but be struck with the irony of all of this toilet art in one week...


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