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Reflections and sightings from [almost] daily jogging at dawn

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunrise 5:49: Saturday in the country

Once again the Dawn Joggers awoke in the countryside, this morning to a rooster's crow. They were surrounded by grapevines, but instead of France, they were in Potter Valley, a small town northeast of Ukiah, which isn't exactly a city (population less then Menlo Park). The female DJ's cousins Georgia and Robin had brought ranch property in Potter Valley in the mid-60s and moved there with their two school age daughters Kelly and Karen. Robin's still there living in retirement with his wife Earlene, and both Kelly and Karen live in the Valley with their families. Today the ranch land that once hosted cattle and sheep is leased and planted with grapes. What better way to enjoy a Saturday morning than a walk amidst the vines. Pictured with the male DJ are Karen's son Thomas and husband Dave along with Drake the chocolate Lab...


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