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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunrise 5:52: Floatopia - real or imagined?

The official Floatopia website says the event was canceled. Even trying to remember the zaniness of her undergraduate years, which were actually more serious than zany, the female Dawn Jogger was never clear on exactly what the Floatopia event was all about. She'd seen the posters announcing it - and then the administration-mandated signs placed around Lake Lagunita with the new language about the "lake being shut down for use at any time." But she was nevertheless unclear why a springtime floating party on the lake would have gotten the Stanford administration so concerned. (But then she was of an era when young men actually lived at the boathouse and [probably] far worse went on.) There is, of course, the stated policy about "no alcohol." A floating party with no alcohol? In her wildest undergraduate memories, it seemed at cross purposes. So whatever the official policy, the male and female Dawn Joggers journeyed to the lake in the late afternoon today for a stroll and to see what was - or was not - happening. It was a chilly May day and only the hardiest could have make their way out onto the the lake. But, official or not, a few hardy souls did...


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