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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sunrise 6:50: Over the top in Milwaukee

When the Dawn Joggers took off before dawn today on a fully-loaded 747 headed before headed for O'Hare Airport in Chicago where they would rent a car to drive to Milwaukee, they could not have imagined nor scripted a more magical evening (yes, it all happened at last blush, not first blush.) They decided to make it easy and eat at their hotel's restaurant, touted as being run by "uber-chef" Mark Weber. And the female DJ admits that she thought that just maybe they might run into some San Francisco Giants baseball players or personnel, given that the Giants were in town to play the Brewers. But how magical was it for the female DJ to walk into the the Mason Street Grill and stumble upon Giants broadcasters Mike Krukow and Dave Fleming seated at the bar and then have a fun discussion about Larry Bowa's 'major snappage' as described by Kruk during the Giants' broadcast on Tuesday evening from Dodger Stadium. They were shortly joined by another Giants broadcaster, Jon Miller. That was enough grace for one evening - or so they thought. After their very good dinner at the restaurant, Mark Weber (pictured) himself came over to philosophize about the restaurant business with the male DJ. Famous broadcasters, famous chefs - this is about as good as it gets for one evening in Milwaukee...


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