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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunrise 7:27: Night and day but no iguana

The female Dawn Jogger took a long walk along the beach this morning. Most of the great sights she saw trusty Silvio the camera was just not capable of capturing. A host of more never seen before birds, in particular. Funny they're just not up to posing. But she did get a shot of the only golf whole in the Pacific Ocean and the vehicle that gets golfers to the green. It's an optional hole - which means it's a gimmick. (Would Booka have tried it - she's not sure...) The real disappointment is that the iguana in a tree only yards from there room didn't show up well enough - really needed a telephoto lens. It was one of the pretty green iguanas who had found a tree limb to sun itself. The hotel staff swears they're friendly creatures and they're really too pretty to be scary. Bonus shot from last night at dinner...


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