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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sunrise 7:24: Day of the iguana

Like many people of her age, the first the female Dawn Jogger heard of Puerto Vallarta was during the shooting of the The Night of the Iguana with Richard Burton. It wasn't, of course, the film that was of note. It was the fact that Elizabeth Taylor joined the actor, one more chapter in their well publicized love affair begun during the filming of Cleopatra. Somehow the title of the movie and fact that there are iguanas in this part of Mexico didn't connect until this morning. Coming to graze (that's what it looked like as there seemed only grass to eat) just over the wall from the hotel's beautiful "infinity" pool appeared a male and female green iguana. Their children (at least that's what she presumed they were) arrived a bit later. They are really quite magnificent reptiles and her shot hardly did them justice. Yes, she did do a soon after a dawn hike up a hill but nothing as noteworthy as the big lizards appeared...


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