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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sunrise 7:06: Angels on the journey

It was off to UCSF appointments early this morning, curtailing exercise activities for both Dawn Joggers (which the male DJ made up for with another rigorous workout with physical therapist Heidi). One enduring aspect of facing a life threatening illness is group of angels encountered along the way. The male DJ thought of the radiation therapy technicians as "his angels," thanks to their kindness. There have been others, including Occidental classmate Stuart Rosenberg, who's been a conscientious blog reader - and commentator - as well as thoughtful friend. Today Stuart joined the DJs for lunch at what has become "the spot" on their Osher Center/Mt Zion visit days. The King of Falafel has been serving up good food for 36 years under the helm of new DJ "angel" Nawal Kharsa and her husband. The male DJ gives his own account...


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