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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunrise 7:00: Flushing away

The water was rushing through the culverts on the Big Dish land, part of the "pipe flushing" that the female Dawn Jogger noticed yesterday near Lake Lagunita. She snapped a photo with Silvio and the result looks more like a painting. In these days when she runs predawn, she's noticed that she thinks it's lighter than it is - that is, her ee's view and the actual amount of light differ. Silvio was less fooled and evidently tried to slow down the shutter and, with a little shake, the results are blurred. The Sun was still not up when she reached the top of the Dish...


Blogger Doctor Rick said...

You know, I have to admire morning runners. I prefer to run in early evening, but every so often I'll take a stab at the before-work run. I never works -- too sleepy and no motivation. Once, this guy went bounding by me, looking energetic, and said, "Good morning." It was irritating -- too early in the morning to be so cheerful.

9:46 AM  

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