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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunrise 5:51: More hidden treasures (and rainfall)

Cassie the 13-year-old Australian Shepherd has been a little lame over the past few weeks (unusually in the front rather than the back). So, while she seemed better this morning - and was clearly lobbying for an outing - the female Dawn Jogger decided that loops around the neighborhood, which could be cut short, would be the best way to talk a walk. As it turned out, they went about 3 1/2 miles and only in the last block home did Cassie seem a little ouchy on her right front paw. They took streets that the female DJ doesn't jog on regularly, hoping to see some new interesting gardens and, of course, rebuilt houses that sprout up regularly. Behind Oak Knoll school they came upon a sculpture garden - artists unknown. Being on foot continues to reveal hidden treasures close to home...

For the record postscript: Menlo Park resident Bill Russ measured just 8.2 inches of rain during the 2006-2007 rainfall year which ended on June 30 compared to 24.14 inches a year earlier.


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