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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sunrise 5:50: Out to Arastradero

The female Dawn Jogger is often less than enthusiastic about the prospect of a her Saturday ritual, seven-mile Big Dish run. But she's even less thrilled when it's not a possibility. The Big Dish remains closed "until further notice," and the fire appears to have be caused by "human activity" (the Stanford news report stops short of calling it arson).

So to get in a little hill work, she set out for the Arastradero Preserve this morning. It's in its golden-hued glory - lots and lots of dried wheat grass and pussy willow showing off in the sunlight. Also lots of poison oak that had already turned red (seems early...). She also discovered [yet another] new path cut in place of one of the last up and down segments on the DJs' old Friday route, which had been plowed under. It added a bit of mileage, so all for the good. It was the first time she jogged Arastradero since the brain journey began last fall...


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