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Reflections and sightings from [almost] daily jogging at dawn

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sunrise 7:22: Meet Madison

The female Dawn Jogger knew it was going to be dark on the Dish this morning, but she was struck with how really dark it was going up the hill from the Junipero Serra entrance. It seemed much darker than she recalled from late January when she first started the Wednesday Dish jogs. If there were critters lurking on either side of the paved path, she certainly couldn't see them. The first rays of light were just appearing when she reached the top. She was curious if the usual Wednesday suspects would be joining her in the dark, and the answer was largely, yes, with the exception of one man she's seen every time, who's just starting out when she's coming down the Piers Lane side. As she headed back home along Alpine, she encountered a small dog and its mistress, who were right on schedule. They stopped to chat at the corner of Sand Hill, and she was formally introduced to Madison, part Yorkie and part Bichon Frise. According to her owner, she loves to jog, especially on her way home. Sort of like a horse on the way back to the barn...

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