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Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunrise 6:29: Oaks are taken seriously

Just for some diversity, the female Dawn Jogger took an entirely different route this morning. She went up behind Oak Knoll School to an unincorporated area of Menlo Park known by some as University Park. It's locally famous: Ken Kesey and Jerry Garcia were once residents. Fifteen years ago when the DJs moved to the adjoining neighborhood, the University Park homes were small, some almost cabin like. That's changed, and there are now an increasing number of mini, mini-mansions. But neighborhood pride remains. A magnificant oak once stood in the middle of Perry Avenue - it was quite a landmark. It fell, as old oaks are prone to do. The residents planted a new oak - its trunk is only about eight inches in circumference - and erected a plaque. That's the kind of action that binds communities...



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