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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunrise 7:05: It's baby time

The female Dawn Jogger first spotted the pair of Blue Herons on her Wednesday Dish run. While she and the male DJ have seen egrets in the Dish area over the years, neither could recall seeing a Blue Heron, let along a pair, even though the species of "Big Bird" was frequently spotted on the dry lakebed of Lagunita. The pair was in a similar place - on the Alpine Rd. side - when the female DJ did her Saturday jog. This morning she took Cassie for a walk around the Lake. The same pair (she presumes) was hunting in a small open area near Governors Corners. She'd like to think that they're a nesting pair, although the monogamous species usually nest in colonies.

There was bigger news on the nesting front last night at a birthday dinner for the male DJ at Cathy and Mike's. (The Levy clan - Terye, Jacob, Josh and Lauren - was also in attendance.) Julie and John brought a gift-wrapped present, which upon opening, revealed a pacifer with a note: "Happy Birthday Grandpa! See you in November. Love, Baby." Wow, a lot to process, but what a perfect moment to share with friends who are like family...


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