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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sunrise 7:10: Bay Trail for a change

The Dawn Joggers had a picnic to attend in Coyote Park today so they took the opportunity to jog the Bay Trail, heading south from the Park toward the San Mateo Bridge. When complete, the Bay Trail will be a 400-mile network that includes both San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. The DJs are actually closer to the Bay than they are to the Pacific Ocean but tend to get to the coast more often than they do to the bay. This morning, it was relatively warm, and the trail was active with dog walkers, young couples with strollers (almost always multiple) and walkers who were striding rather than ambling. One familiar sight along the trail, near the border of San Mateo and Foster City, is the feral cat colony, now numbering around 160, most of which have been neutered. The colony is tended by volunteers who feed those that cannot be placed in homes. The constant of the jog was the differing vistas around every bend.


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