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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sunrise 7:02: Losing our path

It was still dark when the Dawn Joggers encountered Kate (the English lady) who was surveying what looked to be a new trail running east along Sand Hill. "They're taking away our trail," she said. The DJs couldn't believe it - Stanford had put in new lighting around 5 years ago; the path that skirts along the golf course, then by the Red Barn corral before running into Campus Drive West looked like it was here to stay. They assured Kate that the new trail was just that - a new trail leading to the shopping center.

The DJs unfortunately were wrong. On the way back, the female DJ asked one of the workers. He hold her that this section of the trail (photo bottom) was going away due to the new practice golf course and that a new trail (photo top) was being constructed to loop around over to Stock Farm. Later in the morning the female DJ saw further evidence of the looping new trail when she went to an appointment at the hospital. While having no trail would be worse, losing this quiet stretch, where they've encountered owls, barn cats and even an occasional coyote, will be missed.


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