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Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunrise 6:18: Meet Jermaine

It's always great to welcome a new member of the dawn community, and this morning it was Jermaine. The Dawn Joggers first saw the sturdy looking yellow dog being walked by his mistress a few months back. To be a true member of the DC, regular participation is required, so the DJs held off introducing themselves initially. But Jermaine and his mistress were continually spotted headed up campus as the DJs headed down towards Galvez. Today they stopped and learned that Jermaine was a pound pup, probably part Chow and part Pit Bull, who's been with his family for seven years. While some people are wary of him due to his looks, he's a lover not a fighter, a fact demonstrated by the fact he was more interested in getting petted than having his picture taken.


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