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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sunrise 5:50 am: First sighting of the summer

One of the ironies of jogging at sunrise on the Stanford campus is that the Dawn Joggers have more early morning company during the summer than during the regular school year. The university runs a lot of youth sports camps as well as continuing education programs for adults. No program participants have caused the DJs more amusement over the years than what they refer to as the "Revenue Generators." This is the group of mainly (but not exclusively) 40 something white males who attend the six week Stanford Executive Program (price tag $45,900, hence their nickname). Until new dedicated housing was built on the south side of campus, they used to stay in Roble Hall across from the playing field. As the DJs jogged across the field, they would reliably be seen going through morning exercises lead by an attractive young woman. Participation would always be greater at the beginning of the session than at the end, and the group would express its competitiveness on jogs around Lake Lagunita. The DJs thought they spotted the group at a distance on Monday but were perplexed to see everyone just walking. They caught up with them this morning "running" up and down the steps of Encina Hall, as always led by an attractive young woman.


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