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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sunrise 5:48 am: It's all about the fish

About a year after Dawn Joggers moved back to the Bay Area, chef Elka Gilmore did a short stint at the Village Pub in Woodside. (This was the 'old' Village Pub before the remodel and arrival of current chef Mark Sullivan.) They were dining there one evening, and the female DJ had ordered Elka's special fish. It was - and still may be - one of the most wonderfully prepared fish (it had wedges of blood oranges) she had ever eaten. It was so tasty, that every few minutes, she'd' say, "This fish is fantastic."

On that night the question, "How was the fish?" was born. It's always asked by the male Dj after the female DJ has gone on and on about something, usually something that is pleasing her.

At Arastradero this morning, it was all about the fish. The Friday ritual of jogging at dawn at this preserve is one of the best things the two DJs do together, and the female DJ often exclaims along the way, "Isn't it spectacular...look at the light...isn't this wonderful..." She says it so often that the male DJ will turn around (he's always in the lead) and ask, "And how was the fish?" This summer there is a second "fish story" going on at Arastradero - the height of the grasses. The female DJ had commented about the fact that they were so tall so frequently this morning that the male DJ turned around and took a pictue.

[Does anyone know where Elka Gilmore is cooking these days? A quick web search revealed inconclusive results.]


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