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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunrise 5:25 am: Dads, dogs and rocket launch

It was up just past dawn for the female Dawn Jogger who caught a 9:00 am flight from JFK back to the Bay Area in order to get in some Father's Day celebrations. She went from the airport to see her father and was met there by the male DJ, son John and Cassie. All agree that there were few finer fathers/grandfathers than Booka, the name John gave to John Hubbard when he was 15 months old. The name stuck as did one of the few riturals Booka, who is in frail health, still enjoys - giving "Booka bones" to Cassie. "I don't know what man would have done without dogs," Booka commented in his matter of fact manner during today's doling out four small dog biscuits in a row.
Later in the day it was time to work on the Father's Day project, putting together the "hydrogen fuel rocket" John had bought at his company (Sharper Image) store. As is typical with this kind of activity, two hours of putting together and reading through page after page of instructions was followed by three different launches over a 10 minutes period. "Best Father's Day ever," pronounced the male DJ and John.


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