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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunrise 5:47 am: Remembering Chicago's Cows on Parade

Seven years ago the cows came to the streets of Chicago. Both of the Dawn Joggers agree there have been few cheerier early morning running companions. They were lucky enough to be in the Windy City for a wedding that year and became enchanted with them. Since then there has been cows in other cities as well as hearts, sharks, pigs and who knows what. But in 1999 the Cows on Parade exhibit idea was new to the United States, imported from a similar exhibit the year before in Zurich. Chicago artists painted each cow individually, and after the sidewalk exhibit closed at the end of October, they were auctioned off for charity. They are reminded of the fun of seeing them for the first time when they pass by a cow - one that looks like it could well have been part of the 1999 parade - in the front yard of a Menlo Park home on their Monday/Wednesday jogging route.


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