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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sunrise 5:50 am: Back to the hometown routine

After crossing the Atlantic westward yesterday, the Dawn Joggers were easily up with the sun this morning. Cassie was first out the door on their way to Lake Lagunita to find out just how low the water had gotten. As they had forecast, it was down to just two large ponds but big enough for a new family of ducklings (very small specks in upper left of picture). Now they'll worry about the water staying long enough for the young ducks to grow large enough to fly.

Time of sunrise mystery: at least it's a mystery to the female DJ, who knows the further north, the earlier the dawn at this time of year. So why does it get lighter in San Franciso (latitude 37 degrees north - time of sunrise, 5:50 today) than in Paris (latitude 48 degrees north - time of sunrise 5:54 today)? And just for the record, sunrise was at 4:41 in London (51 degrees north) today.


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