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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sunrise 6:06 am: Lunch on a goat farm

The Dawn Joggers both agreed that today's 10 mile hike was the reason they both think France is a superior country for walking. They had a taste of everything - history, vistas and great food. The walk began at Fort du Buoux, now in ruins with sign after sign warning of dangerous cliffs about to give way at any moment. Where in the states could they enjoy their country's history amidst such precarious circumstances? Then it was uphill to a Grand Luberon peak and a stop for lunch at a most unusual establishment, Ferme Auberge du Castelas, a working goat farm. They joined a half dozen French families/hikers for a communal meal featuring goat cheese at various stages of ripening topped with lavender honey (not sickly sweet like American honey) as well as fresh greens and cured meat. The male DJ spent half of lunch trying to figure out the ingredients of a superb vinaigrette and the other half comparing notes with the life-minded Frenchman to his left. After meeting one of the goats, it was march uphill to a higher peak before descending back to the fort.

Some observations: The DJs are surprised to find mostly French tourists and relatively few Americans. It was extremely windy today with fierce guts - does a form of the famed Mistral blow all year long? Cherries and apricots are in season, well ahead of what their season is on the West Coast. (The mas where they are staying has a cherry orchard and they plan serious picking tomorrow.)


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