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Friday, May 26, 2006

Sunrise 6:04 am: La Coste is not just a polo shirt

The Dawn Joggers set off from the mas today with map in hand headed for the hill top village of La Coste, site of the Marquis du Sade's decaying chateau (pictured). It was a near perfect 7 1/2 mile loop - sunny through vineyards and orchards on the way up and down through pine forests studded with bories (ancient stone dwellings). Lunch was Provence at its simple best, fresh salad and rosé on a terrace looking out to Bonnieux. The modern world interjected itself on the walk back to La Grande Begude (all yours for £3 million) when the male DJ got a text message from his good friend Kent in the UK concerning lunch plans in Benenden on Sunday. Tonight it's back to Le Mas Tourteron (also pictured) where the cooking of Elisabeth Bourgeois wowed them last night in a picture perfect setting. It's one last taste of Provence before London tomorrow.


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