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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sunrise 6:42 am: A little bit of everything

It was pouring when the Dawn Joggers and Cassie took off this morning. But by the time they hit Lake Lagunita, the sun had broken through, providing wonderfully contrasting light on the green banks, the lake itself and the white and grey clouds to the East.

When there's steady rain over a period of days, one DJ duty is to check on how high the creek has gotten. Today it was certainly up from yesterday but not near the highest they'd seen. Monitoring San Francisquito Creek is a year-round activity - if there's water, when the water comes back, when the water goes away. A particularly ferocious storm in February of 1998 saw the creek rise to almost the height of the Sand Hill bridge. New graffiti provides the current benchmark.

Footnote: The sun's gone and a new front has just moved in, complete with thunder and lightening, underscoring the male DJs earlier comment: "We seen a little bit of everything today."


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