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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sunrise 6:05 am: All about omens and Bruin blue sky

The consensus, backed by Vegas odds makers, is that the UCLA Bruins will be defeated this afternoon by the Memphis Tigers, who, the pundits say, are bigger, stronger and faster. That to think otherwise is to engage in blue sky thinking, using the old definition (not grounded in reality) rather than the new definition (brainstorming without restriction). But as sports writer Jake Curtis points out in today's San Francisco Chronicle when it involves the Elite Eight, omens become a factor (well sort of).

So the Dawn Joggers set out in pursuit of omens on their Saturday Big Dish route, the female DJ's blue Bruin hat firmly in place as it has been since the Pac 10 tournament. It was a wild morning - gusty winds and lingering rain showers - befitting "wild finishes" experienced Thursday night. Omen number one?

Then coming down the first hill as the DJs made their way up was Duke alum June LaBarre resplendent in a Bruin warm up jacket. Omen number two? Had the ever-powerful Duke basketball gods passed on their blessings to UCLA now that they were out of the tourney?

The DJs hit the highest point of the route just as the sun broke through to reveal Bruin blue sky that perfectly set off the emerald green pastures reminiscent of Ireland. Omen number three? Well, no right thinking person is going to dismiss a little "luck of the Irish."


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