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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sunrise 6:07 am: One sight that just won't go away

It was a sight that played over and over in the female Dawn Jogger's mind as the DJs made their way across the Stanford campus this morning, blocking out any new sight. An incredible sight, astonishing, miraculous. With her son at her side, she had witnessed one of the most amazing basketball comebacks of all time.

There, in front of them, the UCLA Bruins were jumping up and down in victory. But it had happened so fast and seemed so impossible, they were left with only one thought - how had it happened?

"There's a lot of basketball still to play," one of the spectators in the row behind them had said when there were 4:00 minutes left in a game that Gonzaga had dominated from the start. But a win seemed unlikely - not only had they been unable to shut down Zag star Adam Morrison, but the Bruins never appeared to get into their rhythm and key guard Arron Affalo was playing with four fouls in a tightly officiated game.

But "wait one Wooden minute," as Bill Plaschke wrote in the Los Angeles Times. In a stunning "never give up" comeback, the Bruins had rallied in the final minutes to defeat the Zags 73-71 and advance to the Elite Eight.

Many are amused at the female DJ's passion for Bruin sports. Not really explainable and fraught with complicated layers of history, one of which is shared by mother and son.


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Hey Linda, I wrote to Chris the other day.. on a comment page. But I didn't hear anything back, and yes I did leave our email! It is: if you want to check out our website, it's Nothing too exciting, I did it for Dave's family, they LOVE it. Talk to you soon, love karen

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