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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sunrise 6:08 am: Put on earth to shake things up

A typically bucolic scene at Lake Lagunita this morning as a solo Dawn Jogger and Cassie made their way around trying to avoid the muddy patches. Lot of 'house hunting' going on by the many ducks - one couple had wandered up the lawn toward the student housing - and the Blue Heron was at the shoreline in search of breakfast. Then the geese arrived amidst much honking, and everything was disrupted - the ducks scattered and the heron took flight.

It reminded the DJ of the most recent saint reading. (The Dawn Joggers read nightly from Robert Ellsberg's excellent book, "All Saints," which contains 365 short essays on both lower and upper case saints.) Emmanuel Mounier (1905-1950) was a French philosopher, whose "independent style of spiritual and social engagement brought criticism from both the Left and Right." Mounier was unwilling to be pigeon-holed by the ideology of either side. Writes Ellsberg: " ...while he opposed the materialism of secular culture he became equally disdainful of the individualistic and complacent 'spiritualism' of the established church." A deeper exploration of Mounier's work may well be beneficial in the current political and religious climate of finger pointing and name calling.


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