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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunrise 5:57: Return to a favorite walk

The Two Gimps (formerly known as the Dawn Joggers) set off this morning for a pick-me-up break in the City that started with one of their very favorite walks along the Embarcadero from Mission Street to the ballpark. The male TG, discouraged by a loss of mobility recounted discussed in a blog post, felt pleased at the pace he kept up; the female TG's tendon felt as good as it has in months. The clouds were every changing; Perry's is now opened so one can get a decent Ramos Fizz; the 7th floor deck near the hotel room overlooks the Bay and was a great place for a little sunbathing. All in all a nice day along the waterfront. Now if the Giants can win after the thrill of the last night's no hitter...



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