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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sunrise 5:53: Walking the parade route

The Dawn Joggers decided to combine some walking exercise, traveling from downtown Menlo to Burgess Park and back, with their 4th of July assignment to cover the community activities for the new hyperlocal blog, InMenlo, launched a couple of weeks back. As the female DJ has noted in previous 4th of July posts, this holiday was once a jammed packed sequence of dawn-to-darkness events when their son John was growing up in South Pasadena, anchored by a multi-block party at Eddy Park just down the street from their home. But they've been less community focused since arriving in Menlo 20 years ago, not having young children. So it was good to get in the local swing of things, viewing and then walking along with the parade of youngsters and dogs (and a couple of sheep and goats!) all decorated in patriotic colors down Santa Cruz Avenue and watching the kids (not the goats) take advantage of the various inflatable carnival rides and activities that had been set up at the park. Yes, that's the male DJ in photo vest and blue cap on backwards, photog like, in the right corner of the photo...



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