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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunrise 5:52: Day at Fairyland with Grace

Given that the female Dawn Jogger remains gimpy, it's a bit of an overstatement to say that she had a spring in her step this morning as she headed over to Oakland for a delayed Mother's Day celebration with Grace, Julie and John. It was warm enough that they decided to visit Fairyland, a place that didn't have quite the prominence of the Academy of Sciences in the female DJ's childhood - the visits were much less frequent - but remains a fond memory nevertheless. (And she is, in retrospect, much appreciative of any of her older cousins who accompanied her visits decades ago.) Fairyland today, after a great restoration effort, was actually sweeter than she remembered and Grace loved it - not so much this first time for the nursery rhyme-themed exhibits like the Old Woman in a Shoe - but for all the fun things to do, like riding the little train, crawling through tiny tunnels, sliding down age-appropriate slides and trying to catch bubbles. On her way home from Oakland, she picked up the male DJ, who isn't any happier about being home than she was...



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