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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunrise 7:09: All about Grace

The female Dawn Jogger's friends know that she's not much into 'grandma stuff' - under the age of 5 that is. But she has to admit, having 16-month-old Grace around for the past 24 hours has been pretty terrific. She's becoming a little person with lots of words, expressions and opinions. Tears come only when she's disappointed or frustrated and she's rarely whiney. She loves to sing and dance. There's an Elmo that does the hokey pokey; the mechanical toy kept announcing "Elmo's pooped!" but Grace wanted to keep dancing. This morning after some play time to herself following breakfast, the DJs took off for a walk to Tinker Playground, which is almost across the street from 1100 Hillview Drive (now on the market - John and Julie plan to take a peak in) and the same tot yard that Grace's father played in as a baby. Swinging was the hands down favorite activity. She does know how to look like a princess when sitting in a Queen Anne chair...


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