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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunrise 6:52: Chasing the old, encountering the new

The female Dawn Jogger woke up this morning at Fort Baker in Marin County, now turned partially into luxe resort Cavallo Point. (The male DJ is blogging away at a green tech conference.) She headed north on her jog this morning to downtown Sausalito, a place she hadn't been in decades but remembered well. Both the town and the Fort bring strong memories of her father, a proud-to-serve officer in the infantry during WWII. How much he would appreciate the tender renovation of the officer's quarters where the DJs are staying (built 1903). And how amused he would be at the female DJ's search for the long gone Sally Stanford Valhalla restaurant in Sausalito, where she was taken as a girl. Stanford was a famous San Francisco madam turned restaurateur and it all seemed quite exotic to a youngster. Thanks to a local, she did find it although the red plush interior is no more. Back on the conference grounds she spied the newest transportation vehicle, a $103,000 Tango electric commute car..


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