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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunrise 7:28: What about Easter?

It struck the female Dawn Jogger as she was getting ready to go to church this morning, the first of daylight savings time, that the current administration was not thinking very liturgically when it instituted the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This act was heralded by the current President at the bill signing as something that would not only boost the economy but make us more secure from terrorism.(How the female DJ remains unclear.) One thing it will do is plunge many Easter sunrise services, traditionally held at 6:30 AM, into darkness (unless local churches makes adjustments). The sun rose in Menlo Park last March 23 at 7:08 AM; projecting that 20 minute gain from today to other parts of the country translates to, as example, a 7:26 AM Easter sunrise in Cleveland and 6:45 AM in San Diego. Maybe the current President is just used to being in the dark. He's reportedly attended Easter "sunrise" services near his ranch in Crawford, Texas where they sun will rise this year about the same time as in Cleveland. At Trinity, the 6:30 AM Easter service is held in the Memorial Garden (pictured in background)...


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